What is another word for transfer?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈansfɜː] (IPA)

The word "transfer" is often used in a variety of contexts, from transferring money between bank accounts to transferring employees to different departments within a company. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used to add depth and variety to your writing. Some common synonyms for "transfer" include "shift", "relocate", "move", "transport", and "convey". These synonyms can be used to communicate different nuances or shades of meaning, such as emphasizing the physical movement of an object or the intentional decision to move something from one place to another. By incorporating a range of synonyms for "transfer", you can make your writing more dynamic and engaging for your readers.

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What are the hypernyms for Transfer?

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What are the meronyms for Transfer?

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What are the opposite words for transfer?

Transfer is a verb that means to move something or to change its position. The word transfer has several antonyms, which are words that mean the opposite of transfer. The first antonym of transfer is to retain, where you choose to keep something in its original position or unchanged. Another antonym of transfer is to withdraw, which means to remove or take something away from a position. Another antonym of transfer is to refuse, which means to decline or reject an offer or request to move something. And finally, the last antonym of transfer is to hold, which means to keep something in possession or to not let it move to another location.

What are the antonyms for Transfer?

Usage examples for Transfer

The Assembly, still suspicious of Paris, decided to transfer its place of meeting to Versailles.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
Although this guide just given you is given as an aid to quickly transfer a point course into a new or old compass course-or vice versa-you should learn to do this yourself, after awhile, without the guide.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
Suppose we do use the center of the earth as the place from which to observe these celestial bodies and, in imagination, transfer our eye there.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper

Famous quotes with Transfer

  • The 'transition' involves the transfer of power from one president to another. In recent times, the incoming President has designated a Director of the Transition, a team leader, to oversee and administer the orderly transfer of power.
    Richard V. Allen
  • The single most important aspect of the Transition involves the selection of personnel to manage the transfer of responsibility. The law provides roughly ten weeks to accomplish this process.
    Richard V. Allen
  • Height, width, and depth are the three phenomena which I must transfer into one plane to form the abstract surface of the picture, and thus to protect myself from the infinity of space.
    Max Beckmann
  • If you move something 10 pounds through space and then stop suddenly, there's a little overshoot. When you transfer weight from one leg to another, there's a certain way that it happens.
    Brad Bird
  • A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.
    Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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