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The word "turf" typically refers to a patch of grass or soil, often used for landscaping or sports activities. However, there are several synonyms for "turf" that can add nuance and variety to your writing. One option is "sward," which refers specifically to a stretch of grass. "Lawn" is another synonym, used to describe a well-manicured section of grass. If you're referring to a piece of land that has been divided and claimed by groups or individuals, "domain" or "territory" might be appropriate. Additionally, if you're looking for a more colloquial or slang term for "turf," consider using "turfing ground" or "patch".

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Turf is a type of artificial turf, typically a mat of synthetic fabric covered in a layer of sand, asphalt, or soil. The top layer is usually has Sports Authority, GrassMaster, or AstroTurf brand names.

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