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Sod is an interesting word with multiple meanings and synonyms that vary based on the context of usage. As a noun, sod typically refers to the upper layer of the soil containing grass and its roots. Synonyms for this usage of sod include turf, grass, and lawn. As a verb, sod can be used to describe the act of laying turf or the act of protest. Synonyms for the latter usage include revolt, mutiny, and uprising. Sod can also be used pejoratively as an insult, and synonyms for this usage include jerk, fool, and idiot. The multiple meanings of sod make it a versatile word with an array of corresponding synonyms.

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Sod, sodomy, or sodomite is a Vernacular and archaic term for a homosexual male. The term typically refers to an act of anal intercourse between men. The word is first attested in the late 1300s. In the 19th century, it acquired the more pejorative meaning of "sexual perversion" or "sexually oriented person." This latter meaning is the one most commonly used today.

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