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Finding the right word to express what you mean can be challenging, especially if you want to avoid repeating the same word. For instance, instead of using the word "summon," you can use a synonym to add variety to your writing. Some synonyms for "summon" include "call forth," "muster," "conjure up," "enlist," "invoke," "draw forth," and "bring about." If you're writing an email or a business letter and want to express urgency, you can use "call for" or "demand." Alternatively, "fetch" or "retrieve" can work when you want to describe the act of calling someone or something to a particular place. Other viable options include "rouse," "arouse," "bring out," "mobilize," and "gather".

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When something is summoned, it is called forth from where it is hidden or dissolved. Sometimes, when we summon something, it is in response to an emotion or need, other times it is because we want it to exist. The Latin word for "summon" is "sumptum." The English word "summon" can also be derived from the Old French word "sumiend," which means "to call for help.

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