What is another word for city district?

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A city district is an integral part of urban development. It refers to a specific area within a city that is characterized by its unique features such as infrastructure, geography, population density, and culture. Synonyms for the term \textit{city} \textit{district} can vary depending on the locale, language, and context. Some commonly used alternatives to city district are borough, quarter, neighborhood, precinct, community, and block. Boroughs, specifically, are used in larger cities to define smaller administrative units. Meanwhile, a quarter emphasizes a smaller but clearly defined geographical area. Neighborhoods denote a community of people living in proximity to each other, while a precinct involves a specific area designated for a certain function or activity.

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    How to use "City district" in context?

    The city district is the largest subdivision of a city and forms the city's central area. It is usually divided into boroughs, or sometimes districts. The city district usually contains city hall, municipal offices, and other important city institutions. It is also the central business district of a city. The city district is usually the most densely populated part of the city.

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