What is another word for turn on the heat?

118 synonyms found


[ tˈɜːn ɒnðə hˈiːt], [ tˈɜːn ɒnðə hˈiːt], [ t_ˈɜː_n ɒ_n_ð_ə h_ˈiː_t]

How to use "Turn on the heat" in context?

When the mercury drops below freezing, our instinctive response is usually to turn on the heat. But is it really necessary to turn on the heat when the temperature outside falls within the safe range? Dr. Laura Berman, an associate professor of pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center, says that if you live in an area where the temperature often falls below freezing, it's best to adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature.

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