What is another word for delay?

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Delay is a common word that refers to a situation in which something is postponed or held back. There are several synonyms of delay that can be used to convey the same meaning. One such synonym is postpone, which means to delay something until a later time. Another synonym is defer, which means to put off or delay something until a later time. Procrastinate is another synonym that refers to the act of delaying or postponing something. Other synonyms of delay include holdup, pause, hindrance, obstruction, setback, and slow down. All these synonyms for delay reflect a situation in which something is not happening as planned or expected.

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Delay is a term that defines the act of putting something off or postponing it. However, in certain circumstances, urgency is the need of the hour. Some of the antonyms for the word delay would be expedite, hasten, and accelerate. These verbs suggest a sense of rushing or quickening, implying a need to complete something promptly. Other antonyms for the term delay include advance, early, and prompt. These words indicate movement forward and suggest a need to be proactive and punctual. Overall, having a clear understanding of an antonym for the term 'delay' can help us identify the right steps to drive matters further.

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