What is another word for cease?

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Cease means to put an end to something. There are various synonyms to indicate cessation, such as halt, stop, terminate, discontinue, curb, halt, conclude, and finish. The term halt refers to ending or stopping abruptly, while stop signifies putting an end to a particular action. Terminate implies bringing to a close, while discontinue refers to stopping something that is continuous. Curb means limiting something or holding back, while conclude refers to ending something conclusively. Finish is to bring something to completion or to accomplish entirely, making synonymic phrases with termination or cessation to indicate the end of an activity or process.

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    Cease means to come to an end or to stop doing something. Its antonyms are words that indicate the opposite meaning of "cease". Some of the antonyms for "cease" are: begin, start, continue, persist, initiate, and carry on. When we say that something has ceased, we mean that it has ended completely. On the other hand, when we say that something is beginning, it is starting anew. The opposite of ceasing is to continue, which means that something is going on without interruption. When we persist, we push through challenges to complete a particular task. When we initiate, we start something different from what we used to do. While carry on means to persist in the face of difficulties.

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