What is another word for twice?

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Twice is a commonly used word, but it can become repetitive in writing or conversation. When looking to add variation to your language, there are numerous synonyms available. Some other words that can be used instead of twice include dual, both times, two times over, doubly, and a second time. In addition, you could incorporate more specific words like biennially, which means happening every two years, or every other day for something that happens on a daily basis. By utilizing a variety of synonyms for the word twice, you can enhance your writing and communication skills while keeping your language from becoming monotonous.

Synonyms for Twice:

How to use "Twice" in context?

As a verb, to say or do something twice is to repeat it, typically for emphasis or to make a point. For example, "He said the same thing twice." or "She complained about the same thing twice." can be used to show that someone really meant what they said, or that something is being repeated unnecessarily. Saying or doing something twice can also be used metaphorically, for example, when someone says that they are "two peas in a pod" or that they have "two heads." Saying or doing something twice can also mean that someone is very interested in or excited about something.

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