What is another word for recurrence?

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Recurrence refers to the repetition or reappearance of an event, circumstance or symptom. There are numerous synonyms for this term, including repetition, reoccurrence, recurrence, reappearance, return, relapse, resurgence, relapse, relapsing, reiteration, recurrence, recrudescence, renewal, revival, resumption, and repetition. These words can be used interchangeably with recurrence in various contexts such as medicine, psychology, and mathematics. Understanding these synonyms can help in using the appropriate word in different scenarios and conveying meaning accurately. Familiarity with these terms can also help to avoid repetition in writing and effectively communicate the intended message to the reader.

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    Recurrence is the act of happening again. There are many things that can be described as a recurrence, such as a pattern of happening, happening more than once, or recurring events. Events that can be described as recurrences include the weather, the stock market, and the deaths of famous people. Recurrence can also refer to something that is customary, such as the use of the word "hello" or the wearing of a particular color. Understanding recurrence can be helpful when trying to predict or understand how something will happen.

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