What is another word for harder?

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The word "harder" can be replaced with a number of synonyms depending on the context. For instance, the phrase "work harder" can be substituted with "exert more effort", "apply oneself more", or "put in more work". To describe a situation that is becoming difficult, the word "harder" can be interchanged with "challenging", "arduous" or "difficult". In terms of physical attributes, "harder" can be replaced with "tougher", "firmer" or "stronger". When discussing mental toughness, "harder" can be replaced with "resilient", "determined", or "persistent". It's essential to understand the context before replacing "harder" with a synonym.

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How to use "Harder" in context?

1. In the dictionary, "harder" is defined as: adjective 1) tending to make something difficult, difficult to do, hard to bear; difficult to understand or cope with; severe; 2) proceeding in an orderly, methodical way; unremittingly severe; 3) not yielding to force, pressure, or temptation. In other words, "harder" means stronger, more challenging, and more difficult.

In many ways, this fits the definition of "harder" as a word. In some cases, it is more difficult to do something than it might seem at first.

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