What is another word for again?

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There are many synonyms for the word "again" that can be used to express the idea of repetition. Some common words that have similar meanings include "once more," "anew," "repeatedly," "continuously," "afresh," "recurrently," "second time around," and "repeatedly." Each of these words carries its own unique tone and connotation, allowing you to select the perfect synonym for the situation. Whether you're talking about trying something again, repeating a task, or revisiting a place, there is sure to be a synonym that will capture the meaning you want to convey.

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How to use "Again" in context?

Again is a word used to indicate that something is being repeated. It is often used in phrases such as "It's been awhile since I've seen you," "I'm going to do it again," or "I can't say it again." The word can also be used to refer to the act of doing something a second time.

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