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The word "twinkle" can be defined as a small, sparkling or flickering light, usually coming from a star or a light source. There are various synonyms to describe this little sparkle, for instance: glimmer, shimmer, flicker, shine, twinkle and glitter. "Glimmer" denotes a soft and unsteady light, while "shimmer" depicts a wavering or flickering light. "Flicker" suggests a sudden burst of light that appears and disappears quickly. "Shine" generally refers to a bright and luminous light. Finally, "glitter" refers to a more intense and dazzling shine, with small flecks of light reflecting in all directions. All these words can replace "twinkle" depending on the context and the intensity of the sparkle.

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What does the twinkle in your eyes mean?

Twinkle may not be a word most of us would use to describe the brightness of a star, but to some it is the most beloved, sweet and lovable thing in the world. In childhood, twinkle is the pinprick of light that draws you in, ensnares you, compels you to follow. It's allure is impossible to resist.

The cause of twinkle is not always clear, but we know that it emanates from a tiny spot in the center of each eye.

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