What is another word for lifetime?

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[ lˈa͡ɪfta͡ɪm], [ lˈa‍ɪfta‍ɪm], [ l_ˈaɪ_f_t_aɪ_m]

Lifetime is a term that refers to the length of a person's life or the duration of a particular thing. However, there are many synonyms for the word lifetime that can be used interchangeably in different contexts. These include terms like duration, span, existence, life span, life cycle, tenure, era and generation. These words hold different meanings but are often used to refer to a certain period of time or lifespan. Whether it's discussing the duration of a project, the length of a person's existence or the era in which someone lived, these alternatives to lifetime can help you communicate more effectively.

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    Lifetime, a term that refers to the duration of a person's existence, can be defined by contrasting words that describe its opposite meaning. These antonyms include words like brief or momentary, which connote a short span of time. Another antonym for lifetime is temporary or transitory, which suggests a duration that is subject to change or instability. Conversely, perpetual, everlasting or eternal serve as antonyms for lifetime as well, signifying a time frame that will never end. Alternatively, finite, which suggests a limited or restricted duration, is another antonym that can be used for the term lifetime. These opposites help to better understand the significance and meaning of lifetime in relation to time.

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    Usage examples for Lifetime

    I'm not going to use a crutch all my lifetime; don't you think it.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    It is only that he thinks the line he has taken a lifetime to lay out for you is the best.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    A whole lifetime spent in doing just that and more like it, year in and year out!
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine

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