What is another word for twoness?

48 synonyms found


[ tˈuːnəs], [ tˈuːnəs], [ t_ˈuː_n_ə_s]

Related words: duality, doppleganger, doppelganger, twinning, twins, double, dual, two, duet

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    How to use "Twoness" in context?

    There is an almost universal understanding that we are all divided into two categories: half and one. Each of us is familiar with the phrase "opposites attract" and the idea that by combining different elements - like fire and ice - we can create something new and interesting. But what about when one half of those opposites are living in close proximity to one another? Is there anything interesting or new that can be created when two halfs collide?

    twoness is a term used to describe the condition of two halfs living close to one another.

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