What is another word for skullduggery?

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[ skˈʌldəɡəɹi], [ skˈʌldəɡəɹi], [ s_k_ˈʌ_l_d_ə_ɡ_ə_ɹ_i]

Skullduggery is a term that means deceitful or dishonest behavior, often by someone in a position of power or authority. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this type of behavior, including chicanery, fraudulence, duplicity, trickery, and subterfuge. Chicanery refers to the use of trickery or deceit in order to achieve a goal, while fraudulence involves deliberate deception for financial gain. Duplicity is similar to skullduggery in that it involves a double-cross or betrayal of trust. Trickery and subterfuge both refer to the use of cunning or deception to achieve a goal, often without regard for moral or ethical principles.

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    How to use "Skullduggery" in context?

    Throughout history, skullduggery has been used to describe any illegal or underhanded behavior. In modern times, this term is often used to describe any type of deceit or deception. The Oxford English Dictionary defines skullduggery as: "the practice of trickery and corruption; esp. the use of fraudulent methods to achieve an objective". This is a definition that is applicable to most situations in which skullduggery is used. For example, skullduggery can be used to get an advantage in a competition or to gain information that is not available to the general public.

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