What is another word for tympanum?

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[ tˈɪmpanəm], [ tˈɪmpanəm], [ t_ˈɪ_m_p_a_n_ə_m]

Tympanum, also known as eardrum, is a vital anatomical structure in our ear that helps us hear, and understand sounds. There are several synonyms of the word tympanum, such as the middle ear membrane, myringa, and drumhead. The middle ear membrane forms a barrier between the middle ear and the external ear canal, allowing vibrations caused by soundwaves to be transmitted to the inner ear. Similarly, myringa refers to the thin membrane in the ear that vibrates in response to sound, while drumhead is a term commonly used to describe the tympanic membrane's circular shape. Overall, regardless of what synonym we use, the tympanum plays an essential role in our hearing abilities and should always be taken care of.

How to use "Tympanum" in context?

The tympanum is the large, roughly triangular roof or hearth of a basilica, usually over the main entrance. The tympanum is not just aesthetic but functional, providing ventilation and insulation.

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