What is another word for drumhead?

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Drumhead is a term that refers to the material that covers the top of a drum and is struck by drumsticks or other percussion instruments. There are several synonyms for this word, including drum skin, drum membrane, drumhead skin, and drumhead membrane. These terms all describe the same thing, which is the thin layer of material that resonates when struck and produces the sound of the drum. Other similar terms include percussion head and drumhead top. Whatever the term used, the drumhead is a key component of any percussion instrument and plays a significant role in shaping the character and quality of the sound produced.

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    What are the opposite words for drumhead?

    Drumhead is a term that describes the top part of a drum. Its antonyms are mainly associated with the bottom part of a drum. One of the antonyms for drumhead is drum bottom or drum skin. Another antonym can be drum shell or drum base. These terms are used to describe the lower part of the drum, which is usually made of wood or metal. Other words that can be considered antonyms for drumhead include drum rim, drum hoop, or drum tension ring. These terms are all associated with the outer edge of the drum and the mechanism used to hold the drumhead in place.

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    Usage examples for Drumhead

    Falling into the hands of Captain Ransom Yarnell, he had been tried by drumhead courtmartial and executed within twenty four hours of his capture.
    "Brand Blotters"
    William MacLeod Raine
    The heavens rumbled like a mighty drumhead, the lightning made useless the feeble ray in his hand.
    "Flowing Gold"
    Rex Beach
    So they took the drumhead, cut two wings, and made the bat.
    "Two Indian Children of Long Ago"
    Frances Taylor

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