What is another word for ulsters?

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[ ˈʌlstəz], [ ˈʌlstəz], [ ˈʌ_l_s_t_ə_z]

Ulster is a term that refers to a long, loose overcoat, usually made of heavy cloth and worn by men. Some synonyms for ulsters include greatcoats, topcoats, Chesterfields, and overcoats. Greatcoats are similar to ulsters in that they are long, heavy coats worn over other clothing. Topcoats, on the other hand, are shorter than ulsters and typically made of lighter materials. Chesterfields are similar to ulsters in length and style, but are typically made of wool or cashmere. Overcoats include any type of coat worn over other clothing and can vary in length and style. Regardless of the term used, these types of coats are perfect for keeping warm during cold weather.

Synonyms for Ulsters:

How to use "Ulsters" in context?

Ulsters are a type of clothing that are usually made from wool. They are usually worn as a coat. They can also be worn as a skirt or a shirt. Ulsters are usually semi-fitted. They can be either black or navy.

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