What is another word for ulterior?

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Ulterior is an adjective that describes something hidden, concealed, or undisclosed. Synonyms for the word ulterior could include words like secret, clandestine, or covert. Other options could include words like underlying, hidden, or veiled. A few more synonyms for ulterior could include words like subtle, implied, or unsaid. Depending on the context or situation, some other synonyms for ulterior could include words like unexpressed, latent, or unstated. All of these synonyms help to convey the idea that there is something hidden, or a motive that is not obvious or clear.

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What are the opposite words for ulterior?

Ulterior means existing beyond what is obvious or admitted. Antonyms for ulterior can be straightforward, frank, open, and candid. A person who is transparent or sincere doesn't have ulterior motives or hidden agendas. They are honest in their behavior and intentions. Additionally, direct and apparent can be considered antonyms for ulterior. When something is directly stated or visible, there is no need to search for other meanings. These antonyms for ulterior signify clarity and simplicity, often associated with actions and words that are open and honest. When dealing with relationships or business, it is essential to be straightforward to avoid any misunderstandings and build a trustworthy relationship.

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Usage examples for Ulterior

It never afterward reappears in any of these successive ulterior products.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
"She is not so simple as you think," scoffed the elder, true to her character of scenting out ulterior motives, "only very designing.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann
Bob never suspected ulterior motives and the sight of a broom or club had lost all terrors for him.
"A Son of the Hills"
Harriet T. Comstock

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