What is another word for parka?

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A parka is a type of heavy and warm jacket that is specifically designed for cold weather. This type of jacket is typically made out of thick and durable materials like wool, felt, or synthetic blends. There are several synonyms for the word parka, which includes anorak, coat, jacket, outerwear, and winter coat. In some regions, parkas are also called by other names such as cagoule, windcheater, or anorak. Whatever the name may be, a parka is a must-have for anyone living or visiting cold and snowy areas, as it provides the warmth and protection needed to keep oneself comfortable and safe in extreme weather conditions.

How to use "Parka" in context?

A parka is a coat or cloak that is worn in cold weather. It is often a furry coat, and is distinctive for its hood. Parkas are popular in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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