What is another word for cloak?

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Cloak is a protective garment that covers the body. Its synonyms include cape, shawl, mantle, wrap, poncho, robe, and veil. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment that covers the shoulders and back, often fastened by a neckband or front clasp. A shawl is a warm piece of cloth worn around the shoulders, neck, and head. A mantle is a loose sleeveless cloak or cape, often made of fur or velvet. A wrap is a piece of fabric that covers and protects the body, often used for warmth. A poncho is a sleeveless garment with an uncut circle of fabric, usually worn as outerwear. A robe is a loose-fitting garment worn for relaxation or sleeping. A veil is a piece of sheer cloth that covers the face, often worn for ceremonial or religious purposes.

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    1. A cloak is a type of clothing that is designed to disguise a person or animal's identity. It is often worn to protect against the weather or to enhance an individual's appearance.

    2. Cloaks are often made from strong materials such as cloth, leather, or fur. They are often decorated with distinctive fabrics or patterns, and they can be made to cover all or part of the body.

    3. Cloaks have been used throughout history to protect people from the weather. They are especially common in colder climates, where they can help conceal people from the cold weather and snow.

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    • Cloke.

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