What is another word for unhinge?

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Unhinge is a word that is used to describe a state of feeling disoriented, confused, or unstable. It can also refer to a physical object becoming disconnected or removed from its hinges. There are many words that can be used as synonyms for "unhinge," including "derange," "disorient," "unsettle," "discompose," and "throw off-balance." These words imply a sense of loss of control, either mentally or physically. Other synonyms can include "disconnect," "disengage," "disarticulate," and "unfasten." All of these words can be used to describe the feeling of becoming unhinged, or the physical act of something becoming detached from its support.

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    The word "unhinge" derives from the Latin "unde" meaning "from where" and "hinge" meaning "hinge," both of which describe the function of a hinge. A hinge is a metal or wood section that can pivot about a vertical axis, allowing a door or other object to be opened by rotating it on its hinge. The word "unhinge" is also used figuratively to describe anything that can unexpectedly change, such as an event or situation that leads to an unexpected outcome.

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