What is another word for allay?

Pronunciation: [ɐlˈe͡ɪ] (IPA)

Allay refers to the action of reducing or relieving something, especially fear or suspicion. Some of the synonyms for allay include assuage, ease, alleviate, calm, pacify, mitigate, soothe, lessen, temper, mollify, and abate. These words have a similar meaning in that they all refer to the act of reducing or lessening something, but they differ slightly in their intensity or focus. Some of these words, such as pacify or assuage, might suggest a more significant reduction or complete calming of something, whereas others, such as mitigate or temper, imply a more moderate or gradual lessening of something. Overall, there are many words one could use in place of allay, each with its own nuanced meaning.

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The word "allay" means to soothe, calm or ease. Its antonyms are words that mean the opposite and imply intensification. Examples of antonyms for allay are agitate, incite, intensify, stimulate, provoke, and exacerbate. These antonyms imply the opposite of calming or reduction in anxiety. For instance, inciting an angry person will cause intense emotions to escalate rather than calming them. Similarly, when there is extreme agitation or stimulation, it can worsen anxiety or stress. In summary, antonyms for allay are words that increase anxiety, stress, or tension, rather than making someone feel relaxed, soothed or at peace.

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Usage examples for Allay

Oh that she may prove more accessible than the Jews, and may allay His thirst for the salvation of men!
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
The subject of the dance returning to the young girl's thoughts, she began at once to talk of it, and her enthusiastic description of the coming affair served to allay her mother's vague impression that Marjorie was not quite happy, and she entered into the important discussion of what her daughter should wear with that unselfish interest belonging only to a mother.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
Now, I have connections with some of the Scandinavian papers, and I think some friendly articles in the meantime would allay this unrest.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Allay

  • Defending the truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself.
    Simone de Beauvoir
  • What I need to do to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said.
    Mel Gibson
  • Friendship is the allay of our sorrows, the ease of our passions, the discharge of our oppressions, the sanctuary to our calamities, the counselor of our doubts, the clarity of our minds.
    Jeremy Taylor
  • Defending the truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself.
    Simone de Beauvoir
  • No voice divine the storm allay'd, No light propitious shone; When, snatch'd from all effectual aid, We perish'd, each alone; But I beneath a rougher sea, And whelmed in deeper gulphs than he.
    William Cowper

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