What is another word for unimpeded?

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[ ˌʌnɪmpˈiːdɪd], [ ˌʌnɪmpˈiːdɪd], [ ˌʌ_n_ɪ_m_p_ˈiː_d_ɪ_d]

Unimpeded refers to a state in which something is free from obstacles or hindrances. Some synonyms for unimpeded include unhindered, unobstructed, effortless, smooth, unhindered, and unencumbered. These words convey the idea of something that flows freely and easily. Other means to express unimpeded are unfettered, unrestricted, clear, and open. Each of these words is used to describe a situation or condition that lacks barriers or hindrances. Unimpeded is a powerful word that conveys a sense of freedom and ease, hence synonyms inferred the same. By using different synonyms, one can convey their thoughts and ideas in various ways, hence offering options for expression.

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    Synonyms for Unimpeded:

    How to use "Unimpeded" in context?

    Unimpeded: adj. not impeded or obstructed in any way.

    When we say someone is "unimpeded," we mean that they are free from obstruction. They can go where they want, when they want, without being hindered in any way.

    There are many occasions when this is an important quality. For example, if you are trying to cross a busy street, you want to be unimpeded by cars. Similarly, if you are trying to catch a train, you want to be unimpeded by people or obstacles.

    In some cases, unimpededness is a necessity.

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