What is another word for seamless?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːmləs] (IPA)

A few synonyms for "seamless" include smooth, effortless, flawless, and uninterrupted. These words describe a similar idea of something being without interruption or disruption. Seamless refers to a perfect and consistent flow, whether it's something physical like a garment or something abstract like a process. Smooth implies a lack of roughness or inconsistency, while effortless suggests that something is done without struggle or difficulty. Flawless denotes perfection or immaculateness, while uninterrupted pertains to something continuing without stop or disturbance. Each of these synonyms can be used to convey the same sense of something being seamless in its execution or appearance.

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What are the opposite words for seamless?

Seamless, a word that signifies something without any interruption, inconsistency or flaw, has several antonyms that represent the opposite meaning. Some of the antonyms of seamless include disjointed, fractured, interrupted, disconnected, disordered, and jumbled. Disjointed refers to something that is not smoothly connected, while fractured means something that is split or broken. Interrupted and disconnected both signify a pause or an interruption in the flow of something. Disordered and jumbled denote something that is chaotic, random or unsystematic. All these antonyms of seamless have a common characteristic of lacking continuity or being inconsistent, thus creating a sense of disturbance or disintegration.

Usage examples for Seamless

I know many of these men and women, and I never meet them without the sense that the seamless robe of Christ has touched me.
"The Empire of Love"
W. J. Dawson
He bowed stiffly as he said this, and then shifting Washee-Washee round, quietly took his other heel in his other hand, and proceeded to shake him up and down, and dance him and stand him gently on his head, until the clothes began to burst out from under his blue seamless garment, and to peep through his pockets, and to reach down around his throat and dangle about his face, till the little man was nearly smothered.
"First Fam'lies of the Sierras"
Joaquin Miller
The queen soon reappeared dressed in the blue seamless garment of the women who work in the fields.
"Balthasar And Other Works - 1909"
Anatole France

Famous quotes with Seamless

  • I use something that is a real staple in the directing world. It's called a dance floor. You lay it down so that it's so smooth you can roll around, and you can put furniture on top of it. It's seamless and you don't see it.
    Debbie Allen
  • And an integrated life is one where you're able to fit the different pieces of your life together in seamless fashion.
    James Collins
  • Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process.
    A. Bartlett Giamatti
  • What people want is a seamless Web experience.
    John McKinley
  • Life is astounding and not strange. If one thing is certain that is change, guide and choreograph the dance of creativity and save yourself from helpless captivity. Winds of change will allow you to give all you have and receive all you can with grace. Let change be seamless and not at a jolting pace. Be aware in the moment of change as it will determine your fall or rise, choreograph the change to MickeyMize.
    Mickey Mehta

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