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Unpaid means not being paid or receiving payment for certain services or work. There are several synonyms for the term unpaid, including "unremunerated," "uncompensated," "unwaged," "voluntary," "gratis," and "pro bono." Unremunerated refers to not being paid for services rendered, such as volunteer work. Uncompensated refers to not being compensated for services that one has already provided. Unwaged refers to work that is not paid or does not earn a wage. Voluntary refers to work that is done without compulsion or force in which no payment is expected. Gratis refers to free services or goods given as a gift. Pro bono refers to professional work done at no cost.

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How to use "Unpaid" in context?

When people think about being unpaid, they usually think of people who are not getting paid a salary. This is because, almost universally, unpaid work is considered less important than paid work. This is changing, however, as more and more people are becoming "unpaid" in the traditional sense.

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