What is another word for unresolved?

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Unresolved is a word that indicates something that is yet to be completely settled or finalized. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of unresolved, depending on the context. The word unfinished is a synonym that can be used when referring to tasks or projects that have not been fully completed. Unsettled is a synonym for unresolved when it comes to disputes or conflicts that are yet to be resolved. Similarly, the word pending can be used to describe matters that are still awaiting a decision or action. Other synonyms for unresolved include inconclusive, undecided, open-ended, and unresolved. Using synonyms in writing and conversation can help to keep language varied and interesting.

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How to use "Unresolved" in context?

Unresolved is a word that can conjure up a multitude of different feelings. It can be the root of a feeling of insecurity or anger, and in some cases it can be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Ultimately, whether or not something is unresolved can depend on the individual. For some, Unresolved may be a source of comfort and security, while for others it might signify a problem that needs to be fixed. The point is that, though it may seem daunting, resolving an Unresolved issue is possible, and often can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

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