What is another word for overdue?

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[ ˌə͡ʊvədjˈuː], [ ˌə‍ʊvədjˈuː], [ ˌəʊ_v_ə_d_j_ˈuː]

Synonyms for Overdue:

How to use "Overdue" in context?

When the due date for something has passed, it is considered to be "overdue." This means that whatever the item is, it is supposed to have been delivered by that date and it may have consequences if it is not. Depending on the reason for the "overdue" item, there may be different consequences. Someone who misses a payment on a loan may have to pay a higher interest rate, for example. If an email is marked "overdue" in a digital mailbox, it will be automatically deleted.

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