What is another word for unreached?

Pronunciation: [ʌnɹˈiːt͡ʃt] (IPA)

The term "unreached" refers to a group of people who have not yet been exposed to a certain idea or concept. Some synonyms for "unreached" include "untapped," "unexplored," and "unfamiliar." These words all suggest a lack of contact or connection with the subject matter in question. Other synonyms include "unacquainted," "uninitiated," and "ignorant," which all imply a lack of knowledge or understanding about the topic at hand. It is crucial to recognize the unique challenges faced by those who are considered "unreached," as reaching out to these people can be a complex and sensitive process. By utilizing different synonyms, it is possible to more accurately describe and understand the various nuances of this concept.

Synonyms for Unreached:

What are the hypernyms for Unreached?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for unreached?

The antonyms of the word "unreached" are "attained," "achieved," "reached," "accomplished," and "fulfilled." These words describe objectives or goals that have been successfully met or accomplished. When something is unreached, it remains unattainable or beyond reach. In contrast, when something is attained, it means that it has been successfully completed or acquired. Achieved refers to goals or objectives that have been reached through hard work and effort. Reached and accomplished both refer to goals that have been successfully completed. Finally, fulfilled refers to the satisfaction that comes from achieving a goal or objective. In summary, the antonyms of "unreached" denote successfully obtained goals or objectives.

What are the antonyms for Unreached?

Usage examples for Unreached

These enormities appearing to be unreached by any control of their sovereigns, I found it necessary to equip a force to cruise within our own seas, to arrest all vessels of these descriptions found hovering on our coasts within the limits of the Gulf Stream and to bring the offenders in for trial as pirates.
"State of the Union Addresses of Thomas Jefferson"
Thomas Jefferson
I am, therefore, in a measure constrained to follow that road, and by it I must travel in spite of all the world, and it will be labour in vain for you to urge me to resist what heaven wills, fate ordains, reason requires, and, above all, my own inclination favours; for knowing as I do the countless toils that are the accompaniments of knight-errantry, I know, too, the infinite blessings that are attained by it; I know that the path of virtue is very narrow, and the road of vice broad and spacious; I know their ends and goals are different, for the broad and easy road of vice ends in death, and the narrow and toilsome one of virtue in life, and not transitory life, but in that which has no end; I know, as our great Castilian poet says, that- It is by rugged paths like these they go That scale the heights of immortality, unreached by those that falter here below.
"The History of Don Quixote, Volume II., Complete"
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Thus the Book of the Kings took up the tale from Samuel, Samuel from Judges, and Judges from Joshua, and all carried the sacred movement forward towards a goal as yet unreached.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick

Famous quotes with Unreached

  • Then through the pallid rift that seemed at first Hardly enough for a trickle from the suns, Outpoured the revelation and the flame. The brief perpetual sign recurred above. A glamour from unreached transcendences Iridescent with the glory of the Unseen, A message from the unknown immortal Light Ablaze upon creation's quivering edge, Dawn built her aura of magnificent hues And buried its seed of grandeur in the hours.
    Sri Aurobindo
  • A memory steals in from lost heavens of Truth, A wide release comes near, a Glory calls, A might looks out, an estranged felicity.All things are real that here are only dreams, In our unknown depths sleeps their reserve of truth, On our unreached heights they reign and come to us In thought and muse trailing their robes of light.
    Sri Aurobindo

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