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Aloof is a term that refers to someone who is detached, cold, or unapproachable. There are many synonyms for this word, including distant, reserved, cool, detached, indifferent, unresponsive, standoffish, remote, unsociable, and withdrawn. These words all describe people who are emotionally distant, or who keep others at arm's length. Other synonyms for aloof include uncommunicative, reticent, introverted, and antisocial. These words suggest that the person is not interested in socializing or engaging with others. Regardless of the word used, all of these synonyms suggest a certain sense of distance or removal from others.

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    Most people woulddefinealoofasbeingnotinterestedinothers or beingunsociable.However, there ismoretoaloofthanmerely beinguninterested in people.aloofnesscanalsodependononeself-awareness,oneself-esteem, andcommunication styles. Some people Patton may think of themselves asaloofbecause they are not particularly interested in other people, but they may be very engaging Patton when they talk to themselves or to someone they know well. For them, aloofness Patton may simply be a way of living that feels right to them.

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