What is another word for inferior?

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[ ɪnfˈi͡əɹɪə], [ ɪnfˈi‍əɹɪə], [ ɪ_n_f_ˈiə_ɹ_ɪ__ə]

Synonyms for Inferior:

bad (adjective) inferior (adjective) servile (adjective) unacceptable (adjective) inferior (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Inferior:

  1. interior, anterior, superior, ulterior, exterior;

Quotes for Inferior:

  1. I never doubted my ability, but when you hear all your life you're inferior it makes you wonder if the other guys have something you've never seen before. If they do, I'm still looking for it. Hank Aaron.
  2. One often has need of one, inferior to himself. Jean de La Fontaine.
  3. The promise of America is one immigration policy for all who seek to enter our shores, whether they come from Mexico, Haiti or Canada, there must be one set of rules for everybody. We cannot welcome those to come and then try and act as though any culture will not be respected or treated inferior We cannot look at the Latino community and preach "one language." No one gave them an English test before they sent them to Iraq to fight for America. Al Sharpton.

Adjectives for Inferior:

  • drunk.