What is another word for unreliability?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌnɹɪlˌa͡ɪəbˈɪlɪti] (IPA)

Unreliability is a word that indicates a lack of trustworthiness or dependability, but there are many synonyms that can be used to convey this same meaning. Some of them include inconsistency, unpredictability, flightiness, volatility, unreliableness, flakiness, fickleness, vagueness, unrestrainedness, and unreliability. Each of these words describes a different aspect of a behavior or characteristic that might be considered unreliable, from sudden changes in mood or behavior to a fundamental lack of reliability or dependability. Choosing the right synonym for unreliability depends largely on the context in which the word will be used, as well as the audience reading or hearing it.

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What are the hypernyms for Unreliability?

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What are the opposite words for unreliability?

The word "unreliability" refers to the quality or state of being undependable or not trustworthy. Its antonyms are words that mean dependable, trustworthy, or reliable. These include terms like dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, consistency, predictability, and steadfastness. Dependability is the quality of being able to be relied upon, while reliability refers to the ability to consistently provide accurate and dependable results. Trustworthiness, on the other hand, is the quality of being worthy of trust and confidence. Consistency is the ability to maintain a level of quality or performance over time, while predictability refers to the ability to be expected or anticipated. Steadfastness means being resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

What are the antonyms for Unreliability?

Usage examples for Unreliability

Even the friendliness of the kind old chief could not keep him in his position after this new display of the unreliability of his heart.
"The Case of the Golden Bullet"
Grace Isabel Colbron, and Augusta Groner
His whole life is a testimony against its unreliability, and his entire labor of years were in vain if theory can be taken in evidence against personal observation and patient investigation.
"How I Found Livingstone"
Sir Henry M. Stanley
This partly accounts for the unreliability of any testimony which a white man extracts from them.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Unreliability

  • It is very expensive to achieve high unreliability. It is not uncommon to increase the cost of an item by a factor of ten for each factor of ten degradation accomplished.
    Norman Ralph Augustine
  • My social conscience is fairly limited in a lot of ways; there's not much I'm angry about that doesn't affect me quite directly. But the prison system- not particularly capital punishment- but the penal system as it is, and the whole apparatus of judgement, people deciding on other people's fates... that does irritate, and upset me quite a lot. What angers me about the system goes beyond the unreliability of "proof"… it's that the way criminals are dealt with has nothing to do with rehabilitation and readjusting people who've stepped outside society's norms. The same goes for mental institutions and so forth. But it's also the very idea of someone being judged "criminal" or "insane" because they're unable to fit into what a corrupt society considers "social" or "sociable".
    Nick Cave

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