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Fit refers to a state of being in good physical condition or to describe something that is the correct size or shape. There are many synonyms to the word fit such as healthy, vigorous, agile, trim, muscular, toned, and robust, which all describe a state of being well and physically capable. Fit can also describe something that is proper or appropriate like suitable, compatible, fitting, appropriate, and acceptable. It can also refer to something that is able to function or operate correctly or easily, like functioning, able, capable, adapted, and efficient. Overall, there are many words that can replace fit depending on the context and meaning of the sentence.

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    There is nothing that is more frustrating than trying to get in shape and noticing that you are always one step behind. If you are like most people, you have probably tried countless different methods and programs to get in shape over the years. But somehow you just never seem to lose the weight or toned up the way that you want to.

    One of the biggest reasons that people don't consistently succeed in their fitness endeavors is because they aren't fit. To be fit means that you have a combination of the right body composition, muscularity and size.

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    • Fitt.

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