What is another word for unstated?

Pronunciation: [ʌnstˈe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Unstated refers to something that has not been expressed or mentioned explicitly. Some synonyms for unstated are implicit, implied, inferred, tacit, unexpressed, unvoiced, and suggested. Implicit means something that is understood without being directly expressed. Implied refers to something that is hinted at or suggested indirectly. Inferred is used to indicate a conclusion drawn from what has been said or written. Tacit implies something that is understood without being directly spoken or acknowledged. Unexpressed denotes something that is not said outright. Unvoiced suggests something that is known or understood but deliberately left unsaid. Suggested means something that is put forward as a possibility or idea. All these synonyms for unstated highlight the indirect or hinted nature of the information in question.

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What are the hypernyms for Unstated?

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What are the opposite words for unstated?

Unstated usually refers to something that has not been expressed or declared explicitly. Antonyms for this word would be terms that indicate the opposite meaning or a direct expression of a statement. Clear, declared, and explicit are some of the antonyms for unstated. Using these words in a sentence would convey a clear and direct message. Stated, announced, and revealed would also serve as antonyms for unstated. These words show that some information or statement has been made known and communicated effectively. Therefore, using antonyms of unstated can enhance the clarity of a message and help avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

What are the antonyms for Unstated?

Usage examples for Unstated

So it was arranged that Milly should become a sort of informal lady secretary and assistant to the banker's wife, with unstated hours, duties, and compensation,-one of those flexible, vague business and social arrangements that women were more likely to make with one another twenty years ago than now.
"One Woman's Life"
Robert Herrick
What unstated premises led to that conclusion we do not know.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam
Lawrence Washington had married Ann Fairfax, and through his influence his brother George was taken into the employment of Lord Fairfax, half as clerk and half as surveyor of his great tract of land, "the northern neck," which he had obtained by marriage with a daughter of Lord Culpeper, who in turn had obtained it from the "Merrie Monarch" by means so disreputable that they are best left unstated.
"The True George Washington [10th Ed.]"
Paul Leicester Ford

Famous quotes with Unstated

  • A man, who unconditionally does agree to the unstated clause that it is only he who has to say always SORRY and never she under any damn situation, is only eligible and entitle to marry a woman.
    Anuj Somany
  • For most of us, the seductive and unstated part of "if I had enough time" is the unstated sentence "to hear myself think." In other words, we imagine that if we had time we would quiet our more shallow selves and listen to a deeper flow of inspiration. Again, this is a myth that lets us off the hook— if I wait for enough time to listen, I don't have to listen now, I don't have to take responsibility for what is trying to bubble up today.
    Julia Cameron
  • The secret dread of modern intellectuals, liberals and conservatives alike, the unadmitted terror at the root of their anxiety, which all of their current irrationalities are intended to stave off and to disguise, is the unstated knowledge that Soviet Russia is the full, actual, literal, consistent embodiment of the morality of altruism, that Stalin did corrupt a noble ideal, that this is the only way altruism has to be or can ever be practiced.
    Ayn Rand

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