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Convey is a versatile verb that can be used to describe the act of communicating a message, idea, or information. Synonyms for convey include conveyance, transfer, transmit, disclose, express, communicate, and impart. Conveyance is often used in legal or real estate contexts to denote the transfer of property ownership. Transfer and transmit can describe the movement of goods or information from one place to another. Disclose and express suggest the act of revealing something previously hidden or unknown. Communicate and impart are more general synonyms that can be applied to any type of information sharing. Each of these synonyms adds a slightly different connotation to the act of conveying, allowing writers and speakers to tailor their language to fit the precise meaning they wish to convey.

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How to use "Convey" in context?

Convey has different meanings in different contexts. In law, it means to carry or convey property from one place to another. In commerce, it means to carry or convey goods from one place to another. In telecommunication, it means to carry or convey information from one point to another.

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