What is another word for obtuse?

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[ ɒbtjˈuːs], [ ɒbtjˈuːs], [ ɒ_b_t_j_ˈuː_s]

Synonyms for Obtuse:

How to use "Obtuse" in context?

Obtuse is defined as having a dull or blunt edge. It can also connote something which is too fine or delicate for what it is trying to do. In mathematical terms, obtuse angles are those that are not acute or straight. They can be difficult to calculate, making them less efficient for some tasks. In terms of language, obtuse phrases tend to be roundabout or vague. They may lack precision or feel frustratingly abstract. Obtuse people may also be difficult to understand, as they tend to go off on tangents and avoid making direct statements.

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