What is another word for uprisings?

Pronunciation: [ˈʌpɹa͡ɪzɪŋz] (IPA)

Uprisings are social or political movements aimed at challenging an established authority or power structure. Synonyms for uprisings include rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, uprisings, insurgencies, mutinies, and uprisings. All these words signify a popular and often violent resistance or revolt against an established system. Rebellions signify a violent resistance or revolt against established authority or power. Revolutions are a drastic and often violent change in a political or social system. Insurrections are a violent uprising against an authority or government. Mutinies refer to a group's uprising against a recognized authority or government. In summary, all these synonyms share a common theme of an act of rebellion or resistance against an established authority or power structure.

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Usage examples for Uprisings

In the neighbouring cities there were no spontaneous uprisings against the Spanish governors, but the Buenos Aires patriots lost no time in sending out armies to spread their liberal and anti-Spanish doctrines.
"The South American Republics Part I of II"
Thomas C. Dawson
In another speech he discussed very intelligently, and with his usual complete command of the facts of the case, some of the contemporary Indian uprisings in the far West.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt
Doubtless local uprisings will for a time continue to occur, but these can be met by detachments and local forces of our own, and will ere long tire out of themselves.
"The Struggle for Missouri"
John McElroy

Famous quotes with Uprisings

  • Although the protesters in Egypt and neighboring countries are calling for democratic reforms, in reality they are calling for better economic life. Democracy is only a means to an end. I believe the driving forces behind the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings are economical. A chronic high unemployment combined with an inflation in food prices is a volatile mix that can lead to major civic outbursts.
    Med Jones
  • Habit is thus the enormous fly-wheel of society, its most precious conservative agent. It alone is what keeps us all within the bounds of ordinance, and saves the children of fortune from the envious uprisings of the poor.
    William James
  • If he’d been the type who evolves theories of history for his own amusement, he might have said all political events: wars, governments and uprisings, have the desire to get laid as their roots; because history unfolds according to economic forces and the only reason anybody wants to get rich is so he can get laid steadily, with whoever he chooses.
    Thomas Pynchon
  • ...Hades had opened its gates and vomited forth the basest, most despicable, most horrible demons. In the course of my life I had seen something of untrammeled human insights of horror of panic. I had taken part in a dozen battles in the First World War, had experienced barrages, gassings, going over the top. I had witnessed the turmoil of the postwar era, the crushing uprisings, street battles, meeting hall brawls. I was present among the bystanders during the Hitler Putsch in 1923 in Munich. I saw the early period of Nazi rule in Berlin. But none of this was comparable to those days in Vienna. What was unleashed upon Vienna had nothing to do with [the] seizure of power in Germany. ...What was unleashed upon Vienna was a torrent of envy, jealousy, bitterness, blind, malignant craving for revenge. All better instincts were silenced... only the torpid masses had been unchained. ...It was the witch's Sabbath of the mob. All that makes for human dignity was buried.
    Carl Zuckmayer
  • We in Yemen are no less thirsty for freedom and dignity than our brothers and sisters in Tunis...It was feared that the revolution would descend into violence and distort the image of the other Arab uprisings. But the Yemeni revolution surprised everyone with its astonishingly peaceful nature...What is truly regrettable, though, is that the world has not shown the least interest in what the Saleh regime does with Yemen and its revolutionaries...We in Yemen look forward to a clear stand from the UN, world governments and civil society organisations in condemning the violence of Saleh's regime.
    Tawakkol Karman

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