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Insurgence is a term that is often used to describe a group or movement that rises up against a ruling power. There are various synonyms for this term that can help to better define the situation at hand. One common synonym for insurgence is rebellion, which implies a strong opposition to the established authority. Another synonym is uprising, which denotes a sudden and violent protest against the status quo. Revolution is another synonym that signals a dramatic change in the political or social order. Similarly, a coup, which refers to a sudden overthrow of the government, is another synonym for insurgence. Ultimately, the choice of synonym used will depend on the nature and scope of the movement.

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The word "insurgence" refers to a rebellion or uprising against an established government or authority. If we were to look for antonyms for this word, we would be searching for terms that describe the opposite - situations where there is no rebellion or uprising. Some possible antonyms for "insurgence" include words like obedience, conformity, submission, and compliance. These words suggest a state of order and tranquility, where people are following established rules and laws rather than seeking to overthrow them. While "insurgence" may connote a sense of danger and excitement, its antonyms are more likely to suggest calm and stability.

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This happened coincidently to be in keeping with the general Insurgence against all checks and restraints, moral and social, for which the war is mainly answerable, and to be also in harmony with the regular supersession of right by might which characterizes the present epoch and with the disappearance of the sense of law.
"The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference"
Emile Joseph Dillon
All her old cravings, never satisfied in the old days of peace without and Insurgence within, had been surfeited by this close personal contact with the greatest drama in history.
"The Sisters-In-Law"
Gertrude Atherton
She struggled to control an Insurgence of emotions that rose out of the deeps of her being.
H. G. Wells

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