What is another word for usurped?

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Usurped is a term that refers to an individual unlawfully taking control of something or someone. However, there are various other synonyms that conveys a similar meaning like confiscate, seize, expropriate, appropriate which means to take something without the owner's consent. Confiscate implies authority then to take someone's property while seize and expropriate suggests the use of force or official legal action. Another word, appropriate is a more general term that covers any taking away of someone's property or rights without their consent. Other synonyms of usurped include hijacked, commandeered, and usurped, which all suggest taking control of someone or something.

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    How to use "Usurped" in context?

    When an individual or group takes control or unlawfully assumes authority that does not legitimately belong to them, they are said to have usurped that power. Usurping can be a dangerous and explosive act, often leading to civil unrest and clashes between different groups vying for control.

    The concept of usurping power can be seen in many different arenas throughout society. Politicians, business owners, and religious leaders often find themselves in a delicate position when it comes to taking control from those who legitimately should have it.

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