What is another word for include?

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When it comes to vocabulary, having a diverse range of synonyms can enhance your writing. 'Include' is a commonly used word that can be replaced with a variety of synonyms. Instead of using 'include', you could use words like 'incorporate', 'embrace', 'encompass', 'comprise', 'involve', 'enlist', 'entail', 'accommodate' and 'consist of'. These synonyms will help you to express yourself in a more effective manner and will engage the readers' interest. It is important to remember that using a synonym for 'include' should be done carefully because each synonym has its own unique connotations and shades of meaning.

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    How to use "Include" in context?

    The preceding article on "include" should give you a good understanding of what this code directive does. However, if you need further clarification or want to learn more about the code, keep reading!

    Include directive is used to tell the compiler to include a file or a set of files in the source code, or to include a block of code from another source file.

    When you include a file, the program accesses the source code for that file, and can use that source code to generate the corresponding object or function bytecodes.

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