What is another word for subjugate?

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Subjugate is a verb that refers to the act of imposing one's will or dominance over another person or group, often through force or coercion. Some common synonyms for this word include dominate, conquer, oppress, suppress, enslave, subject, control, and overcome. These words all capture the idea of exerting power or authority over others, either by force or by manipulating their behavior or beliefs. Other related words might include intimidate, coerce, or subdue, which all refer to the use of force or threats to achieve one's goals. Regardless of which word is used, the concept of subjugation implies a power imbalance, with one group or individual exerting control over others.

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How to use "Subjugate" in context?

There are many meanings to the word "subjugate." Webster defines it as "to make subject to; bring under the power of; reduce to a state of subjection." This definition can be applied to both people and objects. When a person is subjugated, they are made to bend to someone else's will. This can be done through physical or mental force. When an object is subjugated, it is made to do work or serve someone else. This can be done through force or through persuasion. In both cases, the subjugated person or object is usually inferior in some way.

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