What is another word for Vacancies?

Pronunciation: [vˈe͡ɪkənsɪz] (IPA)

Vacancies refer to unoccupied or available positions in an organization or business. However, other terms can be used to describe this state of joblessness. Some of these synonyms for vacancies include "openings," "positions," "job opportunities," "job vacancies," "work availability," "employment opportunities," "open jobs," "vacant jobs," "unfilled positions," "empty posts," "opportunities for work," "job posts," and "work vacancies." Using these synonyms could make a job search more attention-grabbing and descriptive. It is essential to note that despite using interchangeable words to describe joblessness, they still carry the same meaning and refer to positions that require competent individuals to fill them.

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What are the hypernyms for Vacancies?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    Opportunities, job openings, employment opportunities, Career Openings, Employment Availability, Employment Gaps, Employment Spaces, Unemployed Positions, Unfilled Positions.

Usage examples for Vacancies

The seats of the Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the expiration of the second year, of the second class at the expiration of the fourth year, and of the third class at the expiration of the sixth year, so that one third may be chosen every second year; and if Vacancies happen by resignation or otherwise, during the recess of the legislature of any State, the Executive thereof may make temporary appointments until the next meeting of the legislature, which shall then fill such Vacancies.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)"
E. Benjamin Andrews
Vacancies in the rows indicated Fredericks might have begun to dispose discreetly of the more valuable items on his employer's behalf.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
In spite of the smaller pay the first men on the list have usually selected the home service, because the life is more agreeable; and so far as the Vacancies make it possible they are assigned to the particular department they prefer.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell

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