What is another word for viewers?

Pronunciation: [vjˈuːəz] (IPA)

"Viewers" are those who watch or observe something, and there are various synonyms for this term. One of the most common synonyms is "audience," which implies a group of people gathered to watch a performance. Another synonym that can be used is "spectators," often associated with sports games and public events. "Onlookers" also refers to those who observe something, usually from a distance, and is often used to describe a crowd gathering around a scene. "Witnesses" is another synonym used for people who see something happen and can testify to what they've seen. Each of these synonyms helps to describe a different type of "viewer" or observer.

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Usage examples for Viewers

The viewers dialed from scene to scene; no two screens ever showed the same picture.
"The Tunnel Under The World"
Frederik Pohl
A familiar voice sprang out of the glare, Here he is now viewers, General James Rothwell, commander of the western armies, and head of the Earth evacuation project.
"Alien Offer"
Al Sevcik
Tears sparkled on his cheeks; but neither Martha nor the viewers knew why.
"Alien Offer"
Al Sevcik

Famous quotes with Viewers

  • If we have no respect for our viewers, then how can we have any respect for ourselves and what we do?
    Christiane Amanpour
  • What I will learn over the years will be of benefit and interest to me personally but, as far as the program is concerned, I'm the mouthpiece of the viewers as well.
    Michael Aspel
  • Networks decide who will have a chance to do shows, but it is the viewers who make the final decision of who stays and who goes. I am very fortunate, in that the television viewers of our country have decided that Bob Barker can stay.
    Bob Barker
  • You can't fool television viewers with dancing girls and flashing lights.
    Bob Barker
  • Female television viewers paid attention to Catherine Gale.
    Honor Blackman

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