What is another word for symbols?

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[ sˈɪmbə͡lz], [ sˈɪmbə‍lz], [ s_ˈɪ_m_b_əl_z]

The word "symbols" can be used in various contexts to denote different meanings. Synonyms for this term exist to add variety and provide different connotations. Signs, emblems, representations, icons, and images are only a few examples of synonyms for "symbols". While signs connote a simple marking of information, emblems are associated with identification and representation. On the other hand, images and icons focus on the visual representation of significant concepts. Representations can be used to describe the visual depiction of a concept, while motifs emphasize their recurring use. The use of appropriate synonyms for "symbols" may enrich communication and strengthen the impact of the message.

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How to use "Symbols" in context?

Symbols are a very popular way to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas. There are many different symbols out there and almost everyone has their own favorite. What are some of your favorite symbols?

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