What is another word for prosecutors?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈɒsɪkjˌuːtəz] (IPA)

Frequently used as a legal term, prosecutors are responsible for bringing alleged criminals to trial and proving their guilt. There are numerous synonyms for this term that are commonly used in legal documents or news articles. Some of the most used synonyms for prosecutors include district attorney, public prosecutor, prosecuting attorney, state's attorney, crown prosecutor, attorney general, and special prosecutor. All these terms represent a proficient lawyer who works on behalf of the government to bring charges against an individual or group accused of committing a crime. The historical context or the geographical location of the legal system often determines which term is used in a particular jurisdiction.

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What are the opposite words for prosecutors?

The word "prosecutors" refers to attorneys who are responsible for bringing criminal charges against individuals or entities. The antonyms for this word include defenders, protectors, guardians, advocates, and allies. These terms represent individuals or organizations that support and defend the accused against criminal charges. Defenders are the opposite of prosecutors because they focus on safeguarding the rights of the accused rather than pursuing justice on behalf of the state. Protectors and guardians also represent a counterpoint to prosecutors because their role is to defend and shield individuals from harm or injustice, rather than pursuing punitive measures. Finally, advocates and allies act as champions for the marginalized, promoting and promoting their rights and ensuring justice.

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Usage examples for Prosecutors

Graves maintained a sullen silence, though his vengeful scowl expressed as much hatred of the prosecutors of the informal trial as did the storm of oaths and abuse that Felton let forth upon them in intermittent gusts.
"A Hero of Ticonderoga"
Rowland E. Robinson
We do not regard all the active prosecutors and convictors of witches as having been actuated by well-defined faiths and high principles.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam
She knew more than did all her prosecutors and judges combined concerning the matters under investigation at her trial; and could those who then presided have been nobly humble enough to learn from such a witness, and single-eyed enough to admit into their own minds the literal import of her simple statements, the horrors which were subsequently experienced would never have transpired.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam

Famous quotes with Prosecutors

  • People say I've had brushes with the law. That's not true. I've had brushes with overzealous prosecutors.
    Edwin W. Edwards
  • When police or prosecutors conceal significant exculpatory or impeaching material, we hold, it is ordinarily incumbent on the state to set the record straight.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • When we talk about justice in America we're really talking about justice brought about by the people, not by judges who are tools of the establishment or prosecutors who are are equally tools of the establishment or the wardens or the police officers.
    William Kunstler
  • I've been told by the prosecutors and by my own attorneys I should go to law school. I guess I have a knack for it.
    Monica Lewinsky
  • He decided to plunge on with pardons over the department's objections, or where he knew that there would be objections if he had let career prosecutors know what he was doing.
    Barbara Olson

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