What is another word for vinegar?

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Vinegar is a common condiment used in cooking and salads, but did you know there are several synonyms for this popular ingredient? Some popular alternatives include sour wine, acidulated liquid, and acid. Other synonyms for vinegar include tincture, extract, essence, and infusion. These substitutes can be used interchangeably in recipes that call for vinegar, often with similar results. For example, a recipe for pickling vegetables may call for vinegar but could potentially be substituted with one of these synonyms. With so many synonyms for vinegar available, it's easy to experiment and create unique flavor combinations in your cooking.

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How to use "Vinegar" in context?

Vinegar is a type of acetic acid which is produced from fermented fruit and vegetables. The process of making vinegar requires heating the raw materials until the liquid is turned into vapors, which is then collected and condensed.

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