What is another word for powerlessness?

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The feeling of powerlessness can be overpowering, but when it comes to expressing it, the use of synonyms can help to convey our emotions better. Some of the synonyms of powerlessness include helplessness, impotence, weakness, incapacity, futility, and insignificance. Helplessness suggests a situation where one can't do anything because of external factors while impotence signifies a lack of strength, particularly in physical terms. Weakness relates to the lack of strength or vitality while incapacity implies a lack of ability or competency to perform an action. Futility and insignificance respectively represent the purposelessness and unimportance of an individual in a given situation. Using these synonyms for powerlessness can help individuals express themselves more effectively and accurately.

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How to use "Powerlessness" in context?

Often, when we feel powerless, we feel as though we have no control over our lives or the direction that they are heading. This can be terrifying, as it can feel like we are helpless in the face of a difficult situation. But,powerlessness is simply not having control over our own lives, which is a common misconception.

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