What is another word for voltaic?

Pronunciation: [və͡ʊltˈe͡ɪɪk] (IPA)

Voltaic is a term that is widely used to describe electrical properties, specifically in relation to the generation of electricity. Synonyms of the word voltaic include electric, electro, electrical, galvanic, and battery-powered. Electric and electro refer to the use of electric current to power devices and appliances. Electrical refers to the property of an object that relates to its capacity to conduct electricity. Galvanic refers to the production of electricity through a chemical reaction, while battery-powered implies the use of a device or appliance that is powered by a stored electrical charge. These synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the use.

Synonyms for Voltaic:

What are the hypernyms for Voltaic?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for voltaic?

Voltaic refers to something that produces an electrical current through a chemical reaction. Its antonyms, or words with opposite meanings, are those that imply an absence of energy or electrical activity. These include words such as non-electric, nonconductive, inert, stagnant, and passive. Non-electric refers to an object or substance that does not generate an electric current, while nonconductive means that it does not allow the flow of electricity. Inert and stagnant imply a lack of movement or change, while passive denotes a lack of activity or action. By understanding the antonyms of voltaic, we can gain a better grasp of the concept and its significance in the realm of electricity.

What are the antonyms for Voltaic?

Usage examples for Voltaic

She admits that conditions might arise which in their case also would be favourable to the highest creative effort; conditions which would modify the existing state of things according to which, to speak in her own scientific phraseology: "The woman of large capacity can seldom rise beyond the absorption of ideas; her physical conditions refuse to support the energy required for spontaneous activity; the voltaic pile is not strong enough to produce crystallisations."
"George Eliot"
Mathilde Blind
In the voltaic circuit, again, we cannot have one current without its opposite.
"A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
John Stuart Mill
19, one end of the coherer being attached to the outer end of the spiral and the other end through a condenser to the earth, a relay and a voltaic cell being arranged as shown in the diagram.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
John Ambrose Fleming

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