What is another word for voltage?

Pronunciation: [vˈə͡ʊltɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Voltage is a term used to define the difference in electric potential energy, which determines the amount of electrical current that can flow between two points in an electric circuit. There are various synonyms for the term "voltage," which include electric potential, electric potential difference, electromotive force, and potential drop. Electric potential refers to the electric potential energy per unit charge at a point in an electric field. This electric potential difference is the difference in electric potential between two points, which drives the electrical current. Electromotive force (EMF) is the force that drives the electrical current and signifies the energy conversion in a circuit. Potential drop is the decrease in electric potential from one point in a circuit to another.

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Usage examples for Voltage

In fact, it requires about double the voltage to force a spark of the same length through air compressed at 50lb.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
John Ambrose Fleming
This electromotive force varies as the length of the receiving aerial and as the magnetic force due to the wave cutting across it, and the magnetic force varies as the current in the transmitting aerial, and therefore, for any given voltage varies as the capacity, and therefore as the length of the transmitting aerial.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
John Ambrose Fleming
He ascertained that there was a complete correspondence between the sensitiveness of the tubes used as telegraphic instruments and the form of the characteristic curve of current and voltage drawn by the above-described method.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
John Ambrose Fleming

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